Monday, January 23, 2012

Optimism In The Air

Optimism is running high at the Sundance Festival, according to the L.A. Times, where the pick of the year’s indie movies are competing for distribution deals this week. Insiders believe this year’s movies are more commercial than before. And with a number of new buyers on the scene exhibitors are expecting a wild time – says one: “People need movies, there’s a really strong slate”.

This is good news for movie-makers looking to sell their projects at Sundance and we think it’s also good news for anyone looking to get their movie financed and produced. The appetite for movies continues to expand worldwide, despite a rocky year at the US box office. The pie is getting bigger in terms of markets with China and others expanding rapidly, and digital distribution options multiplying. Finance is a challenge for film-makers but that’s always been the case. We just sense a feeling in the air that things are looking up.

We’re feeling very positive at the moment ourselves with a few ventures coming along well. We recently had an inquiry from a finance and production house which wanted to take a closer look at a number of projects on our Pitch Page. There are currently over 120 projects on our site and we regularly connect producers with potential funders. So we’re now working with those financiers to see which out of the 8 chosen projects they’ll take up to finance and produce, and we’ll post all progress here and on our site. The Pitch Page is a nice shop window for projects and traffic is steadily rising.

We’re also engaged right now in helping a producer friend fund a slate of movies with an innovative financial structure which has taken some time and a lot of head-scratching to devise. We’ll see results soon and the first movies should go into production this year. And we’re currently finalizing a commitment of finance for one of our own beloved movie projects, which we’re ramping up to put into production this year. Lots in store, and we’ll be posting all the news on that as we go.

We continue to receive a stream of great movie projects through our website, and it was especially nice recently when a friend sent us a warm and funny Woody Allen-esque caper to be shot in beautiful Glasgow, Scotland, with an all-star cast. Good luck guys!

It may be winter but the sun is out as far as we’re concerned, so polish up your project package and find that finance, things are definitely looking up!

The Out Of Obscurity team.

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