Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pitch Page On A Roll

With Sundance going on right now we’re reflecting a little on the hustle of actually getting your movie made which inevitably begins with finding the money to get it going in the first place. We get a lot of traffic through our website from aspiring film-makers of all sorts, from film students at college putting together their first short to experienced mainstream producers seeking partners on studio slate finance deals. The one common ingredient? – they’re all looking for money. So we’ve always felt there must be a way of connecting good movie projects with the investors they need.

That’s why we launched the Pitch Page on our site a few months back, and we’ve had a really enthusiastic response so far. There are currently over 80 active projects up on the site and we’ve had a number of inquiries from financing groups and producers looking for good new material. We get all sorts of project submissions from a tiny documentary about Tibetan llamas to all kinds of indie dramas, from no-budget shorts to major star-driven features. One of the first visible successes was a political drama with an all-star cast and Oscar-winning lead which was picked up for a mainstream box-office release. We weren’t directly involved in the sale but it was released recently to critical acclaim after being seen first on the Pitch Page. However we have had direct inquiries for a number of the projects on our site which are in discussion right now. One writer is closing on a verbal offer to sell his script and a production studio which inquired about a slate of 6 Pitch Page movies took a close look at two of them and is now negotiating on a $12 million investment into a movie project featured on the site.

The Pitch Page listings continue to grow and we’re extending our reach among potential movie investors. We’ll be posting some of the concrete success stories of movies from the Pitch Page on our site in the coming months. So look out for the occasional credit and maybe we’ll be popping up at Sundance next time around.

The Out Of Obscurity team.