Monday, July 05, 2010

Onshore: Offshore Synergies

Greetings again and a happy 4th of July to everyone out there, wherever you are. We’re a hybrid mix ourselves of International roots and travel along with a whole bunch of American influence in our lives and work, and we have our own reasons for joining in the celebrations on Independence Day. This year we took in a party down at Marina del Rey among the pretty yachts and quaysides, with a big fireworks celebration in the evening, it was quite a sight. It reminded us of other great nights around the world: fireworks at the foot of the Edinburgh castle in Scotland; crazy fiesta explosions of everything in sight in Valencia, Spain; Chinese New Year pyrotechnics in Hong Kong harbour; and nice things going pop the world over on countless nights in the company of good friends.

It’s good to be right here in the heart of the movie business and you never know who you’re going to bump into. The other day a friend arranged for us to meet up with a group to discuss raising finance for a great movie project of theirs and it turned out that we had real synergies in our work through some mutual friends in the Bahamas. Regular visitors to Movie Beach, if indeed there are any, will know by now that we’ll use any excuse to mention the Bahamas and our plans for global domination centred on our cozy little offshore HQ down in the islands. Out of Obscurity and the Movie Portfolio Fund are based offshore currently so it’s not such a stretch and we’re working on it, oh yes we are.

Anyway, at the time of writing we’re following up with our new friends to see what we may have in common to work on together. We believe there are real opportunities to match their proven ability to raise movie finance from domestic onshore investors and our offshore fund for international investors. It’s hard enough to finance movies at the best of times and investors are rarely faced with a level playing field when looking at different movie investment opportunities. We like to present investors with a transparent, flexible and tax-neutral opportunity to share in the upside of investing into movies as an alternative asset class. And if we can do that in partnership with our friends then so much the better.

We firmly believe in the merits of investing in movies as excellent alternative assets, and we surely believe in synergies involving our favourite island chain.

The Out Of Obscurity team.

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