Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Introducing The Pitch Page

Over at our websites for Out Of Obscurity and the Movie Portfolio Fund we receive a regular stream of submissions from people all over the world looking to make things happen with their movie projects. We’re never sure what we’re going to see in our inbox: as you’d expect missives can range from the fantastic to the forgettable. But there’s usually some sort of spark that, in the right hands and with the right backing, might just ignite into a flame of inspiration. Some projects come ready packaged with directors, crew and talent, some with a little or a lot of money, and some are just the germ of an idea. We respond to them all and we’d like to be able to help them all.

We also get a fair bit of traffic from people interested in investing in the movie sector, whether they’re industry insiders, money managers or just individuals looking for a smarter way to invest their money. As we’re fond of saying in this journal the movie business is a classic alternative investment sector, which can out-perform traditional investments whether conventional indices are going up or down.

So, we like to help out whenever we can by introducing film-makers to potential contacts that might help them in getting their movies made. But of course we can’t help everyone with a project, and some investors may be looking for something beyond our investment fund: that oddball movie project that nobody’s picked up on yet. Which is why we’re thrilled to introduce The Pitch Page, a dedicated forum where we post details on a bunch of project submissions that we receive. We’re aiming to give film-makers much-needed exposure to the community of movie business executives, producers and investors watching our site. It’s true that there are always more projects doing the rounds than ever get made into movies, but we believe there’s a great chance for movie business insiders to uncover some hidden gems from the world of creative talent we hear from every day, and we’re excited to see the Pitch Page take flight. Go on, take a look at The Pitch Page.

The Out Of Obscurity team.

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