Monday, March 08, 2010

Oscar Watching

Quite a few of the celebrities appearing at the Oscars this year were staying down by the beach before the show, and we watched a few heading off in limos from their hotel during the afternoon. So it was nice to watch the Oscars show and recognise a few of our “neighbours” on the red carpet looking just as they had appeared a few hours earlier.

The biggest winner of the night featured one of the biggest Oscar schmucks, The Hurt Locker’s producer Nicholas Chartier, who had managed to get himself banned from the event after lobbying members of the Academy by email to vote for his movie above others, in particular Avatar. Ironically, although he wasn’t able to be there his wish came true with Avatar receiving only three technical awards. He may have been over-zealous in pitching his movie, but we were thrilled to hear Kathryn Bigelow underscore how crucial he was to the process. Chartier had believed in the movie enough to bet big on it by assembling the finance from mainly overseas sources when domestic money couldn’t be found. It was nice to hear a film financier mentioned so glowingly in dispatches.

It was also thrilling to hear Bigelow herself repeat her mantra to “never give up on your dream” after the show. Of course such personal advice can sound trite in sound-bite form but how many people actually do follow their dream day after day, year after year, with dogged determination and sometimes with blind faith until they achieve their goals? Not too many that we know, and it’s all too easy for many folks to find excuses to give up or turn to something else when the going gets tough. We believe firmly that if you put in the hard yards then you will achieve rewards, but it’s probably fair to say you have to put in a whole lot more yards than you could ever have anticipated before you begin to see the finish line. Be prepared, do as much as you can, and then get ready to do a little more. Nothing real comes easily.

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