Monday, October 19, 2009

Out Of Obscurity in Hollywood

So here we are in Santa Monica running a film company, Out Of Obscurity Inc. and international film fund, the Movie Portfolio Fund. Movie Beach is an occasional look at what’s going on in our world as we put our movie projects into production and manage the ever-evolving landscape of film finance with our movie fund.

Since we’re originally European with a company based in Singapore and partners in Asia, Europe and the Middle East as well as Hollywood, we have a fairly international viewpoint on things. So Movie Beach will feature a wide range of discussion on matters to do with the movie business and the world in general.

Santa Monica is a pretty active hub for the movie business. A lot of movie folks live here and a bunch of film and movie-related companies are based here too. The annual Indie Spirit Awards are held in a big-top tent down at the beach and the American Film Market happens right here as well. Everyone likes Santa Monica so it’s a convenient place to get together with friends and colleagues whether in the movie business or not. So, we're able to have most of our meetings here with the occasional foray up to Beverly Hills and beyond.

The main thing we know from building up our business around the world is that there are innovative movie projects and talent all over the world, they’re not just all hanging around in Hollywood waiting to be discovered. So, stick with us as we develop our take on what it’s like to be a part of the movie business from a global perspective. We’ll be glad to meet you on Movie Beach.

The Out Of Obscurity team.

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